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Black History Month Fundraiser

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What's the Purpose?

At National Life, we believe strong connections are the ties of strong communities. While we firmly believe that being a good corporate citizen is about more than writing a check we also realize that community organizations rely on strong financial support just as much as boots on the ground. It is in that spirit we challenge you to join us in supporting these four powerful, Black-led nonprofit organizations. It’s about listening to the needs of our community and helping however we can.

The COVID-19 pandemic and overall economic decline have disproportionately and negatively impacted communities of color and many Black-led nonprofits that serve them.  The pandemic exacerbated disparities experienced by Blacks in health care, education, and employment.

BUILD, a National Life Community, intends to make a positive impact within underserved and underrepresented communities by raising $20,000 during Black History Month, $10,000 of which the National Life Group Foundation is generously matching in honor of this great effort.

Black-led nonprofits have experienced a decline in funding while the number of people they support has increased. The four organizations we’ve partnered with provide health, education, and employment programs/services that impact local, regional, and national communities of color. Help us reach our goal of raising $20,000 by selecting a non-profit below to donate to.

When donating, please be sure to reference BUILD in the message or notes section of your donation so we can attribute your gift to our overall goal of raising $20,000.

Black Women’s Health Imperative

(Atlanta, GA and Washington, DC)

Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) is leading the effort to make optimal health and well-being a reality for all Black women and girls. BWHI’s signature programs are implemented in select markets nationwide to address the most pressing health issues currently impacting Black women and girls.

Read more about BWHI’s mission and donate today:

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Parents for Public Schools

(12 chapters nationally)

Parents for Public School’s mission is to advance the role of families and communities in securing a high-quality and equitable public education for every child.  They are involved in public school advocacy and reform through distinctive, important work to influence the factors that impact young students’ success.

Read more about Parents 4 Public Schools mission and donate today:

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Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center

(Dallas, TX)

The Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center in Dallas, Texas operates to position entrepreneurial women associated with the military (EWAM) inclusive of veterans, Active Duty, Reservist and/or military spouses as our nation’s leading small business revenue generators and employers.

Read more about Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center’s mission and donate today:

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BMe Networks, Inc.

(Miami, FL)

BMe leads the national movement to build Black L.O.V.E., Live Own Vote and Excel without stigmatizing Black people. BMe Networks, Inc. Provides equity training to top foundations, associations, and social impact firms.  They sponsor community empowerment programs that support Black community leaders, nonprofits, and businesses.

Read more about BMe Networks, Inc.’s mission and donate today:

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